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Modality is Israel's leader in full-stack management of public cloud-based IT environments; and an official partner of the leading cloud platforms - AWS and Azure.

Our Committed Managed Cloud service manages all aspects of your IT stack — from networking to application availability — so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

With a dedicated account manager, we offer the support and assistance you need to run your business smoothly.

Managed Backup

Keep your business and data protected with our fully-managed, comprehensive backup solution. At Modality, we not only monitor your daily backups, but we also assess your specific needs for the best backup option, use enterprise-grade storage and network for quick recovery, and offer data centers in locations around the world for your convenience.


  • Reliable cloud storage: Backups are stored either on AWS S3 or Azure Blobs
  • File and Image level: Backs up all or selected volumes and restores to a dissimilar hardware/Directly to the cloud
  • Local backup: With this feature you can backup data to local disks, SAN, NAS and remote file shares

Managed Monitoring

For companies that manage their own IT infrastructure but don’t have their own monitoring solution, we determine which infrastructure, network, application and business processes and parameters need monitoring, and then configure a customized monitoring service and dashboard that gives you access to insights, trends and alerts as issues arise.


  • URL external checks
  • Infrastructure monitoring: CPU, memory , disk and other server-related parameters
  • Network monitoring: network flow data analysis for in-depth insight into network traffic-performance and cloud utilization
  • Application monitoring: end-to-end tracing of application level metrics such as transaction time and error rate

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