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Helping you make the most of the cloud

While working with the cloud may seem simple at first, it’s easy to build an environment that’s not optimized. This in turn can lead to high costs, availability problems, and other critical issues.

Gravity Cloud Consulting

Plan ahead with expert advice

We offer consulting services that are based on best practices and time-tested technical expertise to help you optimize the cloud, mitigate potential risks and manage costs.

Our certified experts use their deep knowledge and experience working with multiple platforms to develop recommendations that consider costs, infrastructure and licensing effectively. They help you make technical decisions that are compatible with your future needs to avoid unanticipated costs.


Make better decisions

Whether you’re a CTO or a business owner, our Cloudcheckup service helps you get a fast yet in-depth evaluation of your cloud environment, including the costs, data loss risk, security and performance aspects.

With increased visibility and understanding of your environment, you’ll be better equipped to make the best technical and business decisions for your company.


Achieve Cloud efficiency

We offer DevOps as part of our managed services or as a standalone on-demand service. This includes task automation, complex environment management, continuous integration projects, and optimizing your environments to be elastic.

Performance Optimization

Our expert engineers perform extensive load testing and performance monitoring to obtain a clear view of application behavior in multiple scenarios.

This allows us to identify potential bottlenecks and recommend enhancements to ensure that the application runs smoothly now and in the future.


Make your business more agile, scalable, and efficient

With experience in assisting dozens of companies move to a hybrid or public cloud, we carefully plan your migration to the cloud and then assist you in seamlessly migrating.

Backup and Recovery

As a company that started as an online backup service provider, we have the expertise to develop a customized backup and disaster recovery solution that meets your specific needs.

Our advisory service is ideal for companies already in the cloud that need to make sure they have a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place, and for organizations with on-premise infrastructure looking for a robust backup and disaster recovery solution to in the cloud without the expense of a second physical site.

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