Are you well-architected?

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review ( WAFR ) is a framework designed to help organizations build and maintain secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient workloads on the AWS platform. Modality’s AWS review and remediation service, which is based on AWS WAFR, is a unique and proven process that leverages Modality’s decade of hands-on experience, managing multiple environments on the AWS platform

As part of this process,
experienced architects will ask you questions that are tuned to your use case/workload such as:

How do you monitor your resources and manage incidents?

Are you doing your best to avoid cyberattacks?

How do you manage credentials and authentication?

Do you have the tools to do rightsizing and cost optimizations?


We will work with you on creating a pragmatic remediation plan based on our experience and AWS best practices.


We believe in an ongoing and holistic process which is a must while working with a dynamic cloud environment. Therefore, we schedule future checkups to review and improve as part of our service.