Modality is now part of We Ankor

We Ankor part of the Hilan Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Modality Managed Cloud Services

Modality was founded Zeev Vaxman Fisher & Ori Lachman in 2013. The company has an extensive experience in full management of public cloud-based IT environments. The company has great expertise in the worlds of Hi-Tech  , start-up companies and in particular Chip Design companies, providing consulting, managed and reselling services in the field of public clouds. The company is an official partner of the leading cloud platforms – AWS and Azure.

“Joining We Ankor is an important step in our growth and in our ability to provide end-to-end services to both Modality and We Ankor customers”

Commented Modality founders Zeev Vaxman Fisher & Ori Lachman. “Our experience together with We Ankor expertise in NetApp & cyber worlds, will allow us to provide comprehensive set of solutions to public, hybrid and born in the cloud customers. We Ankor wide technological base along with the Hilan group financial capabilities will allow us to carry out complex and large projects providing complete set of value-added services to our customers.

“The acquisition of Modality Managed Cloud Services is an important step in our cloud strategy…”

Commented Sarig Zur CEO of We Ankor: “…Positioning We Ankor as a leading provider of public cloud solutions assisting our customers in their journey to the cloud.” The purpose of this purchase is to combine Modality’s great technological and FinOps expertise with We Ankor wide customer base and NetApp expertise. I am confident that Modality acquisition will position us as a prominent player in the worlds of public & hybrid cloud.

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