Chip Design

Your Design. Our Care. Using electronic design automation? This solution is for you.

Developing innovative semiconductor chips and need versatile infrastructure? It’s time to move your EDA workload to Modality’s fully managed service based AWS cloud infrastructure. We’ll build and manage your complete EDA environment on the cloud.

From zero to fully working managed environment in days


Computing, storage and other services are available when you need them. Easily access all your data on the cloud. We meet all your requirements with our extensive capabilities.


Your business is dynamic. We understand that and we’re able to make adjustments as you change and grow. That means fast and easy scaling to meet your needs.


Our highly experienced team, with a rich background in IT and CAD support for semiconductor companies, know what it takes to keep your operation running smoothly.

Your challenges

When deciding what the type of infrastructure best serves your chip design needs, you may opt for in-house servers and storage. But it’s only a matter of time before electronic design automation (EDA) compute needs surpass the capacity of your existing infrastructure – leading to inconsistent performance, reduced productivity, and a longer time-to-market. And, during periods between projects, investments in large server and storage infrastructure can sit idle, leading to resource waste.

Our solutions

Why invest time, money and manpower, when Modality can handle it all for you? We integrate EDA environments – including all the components that large enterprises use on their compute farms such as central identity management, secure remote desktop service, high bandwidth network / storage and more – that are up and running within days. Our dedicated team provides a fully-managed service to support customers’ cloud environments. All you need, in one smooth running service.

Why Choose Modality Managed EDA service:

Rapidly deploy EDA infrastructure

Optimize your EDA workflow

Boost your product development lifecycle by leveraging the elasticity of the cloud

Shorten time to market

Fast turnaround times

Security and Governance

Leverage AWS Cloud security at that meets the highest standards

Enjoy unlimited capacity

No more storage/CPU shortage

Seamless operation

Full integration between services: Directory service (identity), shared storage, secure remote access to data and desktop

Full CAD/IT management and support for your environment

We make sure your environment is monitored, has proper backup, and manage CAD tools and licenses

Our ongoing relationship with the major EDA vendors and AWS saves you valuable time

We understand the playing field.

Work with people who understand the playing field. Who have a proven track record in the semiconductor market. Who understand your needs as a chip designer. And, most importantly, have one single point of contact to handle all your issues, quickly and efficiently.

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