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Getwizer maximizes customer uptime and optimizes operations with Modality’s cloud management service for AWS


Getwizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform that integrates the finest in tech and human expertise to deliver a rapid, tailored, and surprisingly affordable research experience.

Unlike agencies that utilize tech or platforms that include managed services, Getwizer was built hybrid – from the ground up, from day one – with scale-defying AI and automation superpowers that are wielded by a select group of human experts.

The Challenges

As a company that empowers marketing teams around the world and world-class clients such as Sony, Reebok, Playtika, and more, Getwizer is committed to maximizing uptime for its customers and to meeting stringent SLAs that ensure business continuity.

Based on this commitment, Getwizer decided to outsource the management of its AWS cloud environment to ensure 24/7/365 support and availability. Following a recommendation from the company VP of R&D, Getwizer reached out to Modality. Since then, Modality has been providing Getwizer with end-to-end cloud management services that easily scale as the company’s customer base grows.

The Solution

Modality provides Getwizer with a comprehensive, 24/7/365 cloud management service that includes a cloud monitoring platform, cloud engineering services for immediate response to critical alerts, and on-demand DevOps services.

Modality began with an onboarding process involving an in-depth discovery of Getwizer’s existing cloud environment to map out its business-critical resources and then calibrate the platform accordingly. Once this was complete and the platform was ready, Modality transitioned into its continuous cloud management service, which includes ongoing incident management, proactive update management, backup management, monitoring and logging, and more.

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The Results

Since Getwizer started using Modality’s cloud management services, the company has the 24/7/365 support it needs to meet stringent SLAs and optimized cloud infrastructure.

“In our industry, we must meet our customers’ need for continuous performance and cost-optimized cloud infrastructure,” says Alon Ravid, the company’s Co-Founder. “To do this, we need partners we can rely on and Modality definitely meets the mark. The team is highly responsive and empowers Getwizer with best-in-class tools and practices. This gives us the peace of mind to focus on our core business. And, the solution is far more cost-effective than in-house resources, which is also extremely important in today’s economy.”

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Getwizer maximizes customer uptime and optimizes operations with Modality’s cloud management service for AWS

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