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Hashavshevet Enhances AWS operations and optimize costs with Modality


Hashavshevet–Wizsoft Group is one of the largest software companies in Israel.

With dozens of branches around the world, Hashavshevet-Wizsoft provides support and services for more than 50,000 customers. A wide array of businesses and organizations have used the company’s products over the past four decades.

Hashavshevet-Wizsoft Group solutions help clients track resources and expenses anytime, anywhere, providing them a better understanding of their business. The company is currently focused on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that enhance organizational efficiency in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The Challenges

When Hashavshevet approached our team for assistance, they faced a range of challenges.

Hashavshevet aimed to optimize their cloud spending ,ensure secure access to their AWS accounts and app and better control and management of their infrastructure.

With the increasing demands of their SaaS platform and the need for reliable , secure and scalable solutions, Hashavshevet sought a trusted partner who could optimize their AWS environment and provide ongoing support to alleviate these issues.

Furthermore, Hashavshevet had an internal IT team with varying levels of AWS expertise, and they required assistance in navigating the complexities of the cloud platform. While they had some internal skills for AWS core services, they recognized the value of partnering with a dedicated cloud team that could provide specialized knowledge and guidance.

Recognizing the critical nature of Hashavshevet’s system and the importance of maintaining a high level of performance, stability, and security, our team took on the challenge of optimizing their AWS landscape and addressing their specific pain points. By understanding the unique context of Hashavshevet business and their requirements, we aimed to provide tailored solutions that would enhance their operations and enable them to meet their goals efficiently.

The Solution

To address the challenges faced by Hashavshevet, we devised an approach that focuses on collaboration, expertise, and innovation. Leveraging our deep understanding of AWS services and best practices, we implemented solutions tailored to Hashavshevet’s specific needs, ensuring the successful transformation of their infrastructure and operations.

Meetings and Audit

The journey began with a series of meetings between us and Hashavshevet to understand Hashavshevet’s goals and requirements and identify key areas for improvement. Along with the meetings, we conducted a thorough audit of their existing AWS landscape to gain a comprehensive understanding of the environment, identify potential areas of optimization, and ensure compliance with security and best practice standards.

Security Enhancements

Ensuring robust security was a top priority for Hashavshevet, and we implemented security measures to safeguard their critical data and applications. Through the implementation of security best practices and the use of AWS and 3rd party services such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS identity center, Cloudtrail logs , Cloudflare WAF, and more, we helped Hashavshevet to provide secure access to AWS accounts and resources.

Cloud spend Optimization and Monitoring

Working closely with Hashavshevet, we greatly optimized its spending and control. Key areas were modernizing and rightsizing EC2 instances and cleaning up unused resources. To proactively maintain continuous optimization, we implemented robust monitoring and alerting mechanisms using our Finops Platform to detect and address any potential spending issues.

Efficient Project Management and Collaboration

To streamline project management and foster effective collaboration, we conducted recurrent meetings with the various teams and defined mini-projects that we tracked closely. This approach ensures the projects are executed.

Continuous Support and Optimization

Our engagement with Hashavshevet extended beyond the initial optimization. We provide Hashavshevet ongoing support, monitoring, and optimization services to ensure the continued success of Hashavshevet’s AWS environment. This includes regular performance reviews, proactive identification of optimization opportunities, and guidance on the adoption of new AWS services and features to further enhance Hashavshevet’s operations.

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The Results

Within just two months of collaboration, our services delivered significant benefits to Hashavshevet. The key outcomes include:

  1. Enhanced Security: we implemented WAF, MFA for relevant users, logs and strict firewall rules.
  2. Reduced spending by 50%, allowing for controlled growth without exceeding the original spending by using the following
  • Adjusting instance families and types without affecting the application performance.
  • Implementing a mix of short and long term savings plans.
  • Terminating stopped resources that included large waste on attached EBS disks.
  • Adding monitoring and alerting mechanisms for proactive issue detection and resolution.
Prof. Assaf Avrahami , Hashavshevet’s CEO : “Thanks to Zeev and the Modality team, we always felt that we had a partner who was not only professional but also looked at things holistically, putting the business and the people involved before the technology. This created outstanding trust among the H-ERP team, which eventually led to outstanding technical results.”

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