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PRO.CO.IL optimizes AWS spending and improves performance with Modality’s cloud management service for AWS


The Professionals was the first company, and is now the top company in Israel that helps customers find professionals .Hundreds of thousands of customers choose a professional services every month via the company’s website and unique mobile app.

The goal of the company is to create a list of the best and most trustworthy professionals in the country and to allow you to book a service with them in a simple manner and with minimal risk.

The company’s website is the leader in its field for finding professionals. It is also the largest of its kind in Israel.

In 2017, The Professionals launched a ground-breaking app that totally changed the way customers book service with professionals. The app finds the most relevant professional closest to you, and also allows you to pay by credit card.

The Professionals employs around 80 staff, including product managers, software and technology developers, online marketing and customer service who are responsible for tens of thousands of quality control and ratings calls.

The Challenges

Stability: The digital platform had sometimes unexpected failures

Cost optimization: PRO.CO.IL didn’t have the tools to alert about unexpected costs. Identifying underutilized resources and optimizing spend.

Performance: As the number of professionals and users increased, performance became more and more an issue. There was not enough monitoring data or AWS expertise to optimize instance sizes and consider moving to managed AWS services.

The Solution

PRO.CO.IL decided to choose Modality as its AWS reseller and leverage its 24×7 cloud management service. Modality has been providing PRO.CO.IL with the following services:

  • Ongoing analysis and optimization of cloud costs by leveraging the power of a best-of-breed Finops platform and consulting by top architects and Finops experts
  • Right-sizing recommendations based on extensive metric data.
  • Help with migration of databases running on EC2 instances to RDS managed platform
  • Cloud Environment Management Service with Guaranteed Response Time that includes a Finops platform, cloud engineering services for immediate response to critical alerts, and on-demand DevOps services.
Learn more about our Cloud Management Services here

The Results

Since the Professionals started to use Modality service , its AWS environment is well tuned and analysed on regular basis.

The improvements includes rightsizing instances, purchase of optimized AWS Savings Plans and deleting unutilized resources such as unattached disk

“In our industry, we must meet our market’s need for continuous growth while keeping a cost-optimized and secure cloud infrastructure,” says Dan Later, the PRO.CO.IL’s CTO. “To do this, we need partners we can rely on and Modality definitely meets the mark. The team is highly responsive and empowers PRO.CO.IL with best-in-class tools and practices. This gives us the peace of mind to focus on our core business.”

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